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Wellness Healing sessions

After my first session of Reconnective Healing I noticed a miracle in my physical health. I had been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis and sacralitis, which was resulting in severe daily back spasms. The spasms were so bad that I had to take a brief hiatus from work and was often so debilitated that I would literally have to crawl on my hands and knees just to get from room to room. I had spent thousands on hospital bills, physical therapy, chiropractic appts, and massage therapy. Nothing had helped, and the daily spasms continued. I made an appointed with Karen, expecting the status quo, and felt that there was nothing that could really help me.

When I met with Karen I was purposefully vague about why I had come, explaining that there were physical, emotional and spiritual reasons. I said nothing more. During my session I experienced a sensation of warmth in my sacral area. I felt peaceful and relaxed. When I left, I felt hopeful, but not convinced of a full healing in my back. It had certainly never improved before. However, to my surprise and delight I woke up the next morning with no back pain and for the first time in seven months, no back spasms! It was a miracle. And since that day I have continued to wake up spasm free. I am so grateful for Karen and her devotion to the practice of healing. It has changed my life. It very well could change yours! My advice, give it a try. Who knows what miracles lie ahead for you.

Gen Zaroura, LCSW